Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning and new concepts...always a path in design!

This has been my last week of a new and amazing experience in my life.  It was ten weeks of new concepts and ideas in my Form, Space & Order class.  I was able to initiate a connection with myself as a person and as a designer with thoughts and understanding on form, space and order.  I was able to learn and understand the idea of possible future clients, with new and magnifying design possibilities, and with new space concepts on a daily basis.  I have been able to use space in ways that I previously thought impossible to use.  I also enjoyed the idea of taking pictures every day for my blog as a way of analyzing and viewing different thoughts as well as creating patterns and new designs.  This experience has helped me grow as a designer and as a person and as with everything in life, it is sad to leave but, learning is an evolving experience that will continue through life.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am a fanatic of painting, photography, designing, organizing and creating, but definitely not writing. The first two things you have to think about, when thinking as a designer, is your clients way of living and also to be able to choose specific ideas to fulfill their needs. Before thinking about  being inspired by sacred Vedic Architecture, Feng Shui practices, traditional American, Romanesque, Green Design or more, the client is whom is going to make the decision no matter what we, as designers like. Design philosophy is also a perfect combination of nature. Nature needs to take a place in design, in order for a space to be balanced. Also, there has to be some sort of inspiration in order for design to talk by itself. All these need to be combined to make sure the customer is satisfied with the end product and the expectations are fulfilled.