Primary Elements of Design Point, Line, Plane and Volume 

Point: Is the first principle, Point has position and space. Point static direction centralize, point has no beginning or end.

Line: Line has a beginning and an end, line will produce and intersection and produce a center. Line is made up of two points beginning and end. Line is two dimensional no width only length and thickness. Line express direction can be infinite lines can join which is an intersection of two lines (node ). There is vertical lines, diagonal lines, zig zag lines, curve lines, flow lines.

Plane: Two dimesional no depth any shape can create a plane just repetition too. 
Planes define exterior space and interior space. 
Planes have shape contour but no form (3 dimensional). There is overhead plane, wall plane , ground base plane - floor which is elevated flat press stepped, implied plane and vertical plane open solid angular directional.

Volume: plane extended it needs point line weight to exist. volume has form rather than shape. you can create a void volume that has no mass.