Chapter II: FORM (5)

Design Concepts: Part 2

Primary Solids

A primary solid is a primary shape like a square, circle or triangle that is expanded to create a volume. a square becomes a cube and a circle becomes a sphere or cylinder and a triangle becomes a cone or pyramid.

Dimensional Transformation

Dimensional transformation is when a form is changed dimensionally. For example, a cube might be stretched into a rectangular shape. Dimensional - alter one of more of its dimensions.

Subtractive Forms

A subtractive form occurs when a form is changed dimensionally by taking away a portion of it. If the edges, corners and overall profile remains,first example with sculpture second architecture.

Additive Forms

An additive form occurs when a form is volume, and things happen to it like centralized form, linear form, radial form, clustered form and grid form.

Formal Collision of Geometry

Formal Collision of Geometry occurs when two forms of different geometry collide, fighting for importance. as you can see in the picture below a variety of geometry shapes like cylinders, circles, square (in the chair and in the tiles on the floor ) that is a collision of geometry